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Going to DownloadsCustomers. Then clicking View on a customer brings you to that customer’s details screen. Here’s an example:

You may also get to this page from the admin page for a single purchase. The single purchase page lists the customer, and you may click View Customer Details.

Personal Image #

The image comes from the WordPress user profile.  In this case, the user doesn’t have one set, so it’s using WordPress’ fallback gravatar icon.

EDD Personal Information #

Next to the image, we see the Customer’s name. Below that is their email address. Below that is how long they’ve been a customer.

Lastly in this section, we see a User ID.  This is their WordPress user id. In the top right of the Customer Details, you’ll see another number (#2 in the example above).  That number is their EDD Customer number.

Customer Address #

To the right of the EDD, Personal Information is the Customer’s address. This data comes from the WordPress User Profile, so if there isn’t a WordPress user associated with this EDD user there will be no address listed.

EDD Activity #

Below the Customer Information, you’ll see a Completed Sales section and a Lifetime Value section. When you click the Completed Sales section you go to the Payment History page with a filter in place for only that user.

Below each of those (not pictured in the example above) is a list of recent payments and a list of Purchased Downloads.

Customer Editing #

Below the customer image is a link to Edit the customer.  This allows you to edit the customer data without a page reload. Example:

Other Options #

In the top right of the Customer Details screen is a collection of tabs.  These have additional functionality which will be covered in other docs.

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