Features Of EDD Sell Services

Features Of EDD Sell Services

Following are the features of EDD Sell Services plugin:

   Sell Services as Product #

This plugin creates a new product type called “Services” to sell services which allow vendors to create a service from the download page itself.

  Service Requirements  #

This plugin allows vendors to add service-related requirements or questions that he wants to be answered by the customer. Customer will be shown questions after purchase which once answered will start the order. 

See More How to Add requirement questions.

 Order Email Notification:

      Both customer and vendor will receive an email notification after each step of the order has been completed. 

Vendor-Customer Chat Section:

    Edd Sell Services offers a dedicated conversation channel that allows the vendor and customer to easily communicate with each other once the order has started. This ensures that all the doubts related to the service have been cleared. 

Set and Customize Delivery Date

An estimated delivery date can be set for a service by the shop vendor , based upon the requirements. This way customers will be aware of the time span in which they are going to receive their delivery.Later this time can also be customized .

See More How to set and customize delivery date.

Add Support Agent 

What if you are busy these days and want to assign the service order to an additional support agent?

What if the client has some out of the box requirements? 

What if you need a team of several people to achieve your customer’s desires.

To fulfill all these needs Edd Sell Services providing a functionality to add multiple support agents in order  to manage your services. These agents will manage the service like actual vendors do. They will receive all the notifications and Emails regarding the service, can reply to customer’s questions,update the delivery date send the final delivery and give a rate to customer.

Support with Edd FES 

Edd Sell Services provides a dedicated support with Edd FES. Now services can be added via front end, By using this brand new feature.

Support with Edd Subscription

Edd Sell Services also provide support for edd subscription. 

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