Features Of EDD Sell Services

Adding a new Product #

 Once you download this plugin. You will get an option to create a New product type called ”EDD Services” to sell services. This option appears in the product type dropdown when you add a new product.

Vendors can add questions #

This plugin had allowed sellers to add a set of questions which should be asked to the buyer to start with the service order. EDD Sell services can allow vendors to add questions that will be required to process service. Customer will be able to submit the required details to start order processing.

Managing Orders and Tabular Form #

With the help of this plugin customers and vendors can efficiently manage their orders in a tabular form. They can quickly set up their orders whichever they want to.

Conversation Trigger #

Vendors and customers can easily communicate through this section. Can attach files and can continue replies to the same thread.

Order Email Notification #

Both vendor and customer will receive email notifications after each order trigger such as Requirements Fulfiled, Order Started, Order In Process and more. Furthermore, they will receive notification for each conversation trigger.

Reviews and Ratings #

EDD Sell Services also allows vendor and customer review each other once the final delivery has been made and received. customer can give his reviews for the service and the vendor can also give his review for the respective customer. 

Discount Codes #

The different formulas to offer discounts on digital products is surprising. It will help you convert leads into sales in a fluid and continuous way.

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EDD Sell Services

EDD Sell Services