Product Creation

Your products are the core of your eCommerce site. Without them, you don’t really have an eCommerce site, so setting them up properly and making them easy to purchase is extremely important.

Creating your first download:

  • Click “Downloads” from your WordPress Dashboard menu
  • Click “Add New
  • Enter in a Title and Description for the download
  • Add tags for the download, if desired
  • Select categories for the download, if desired
  • Set a Featured Image, if desired

Download Item Options #

Download Prices #

You may simply put in a price like this:

Download Prices – Variable Pricing #

You can set variable pricing for a given item :

Download Files #

In this section, you list what files the customer will be able to download after purchase.

EDD Services #

In this section, you can add Delivery time for delivering an order.

And add service-related requirements or questions that he wants to be answered by the customer. Customer will be shown these questions after purchase which once answered will start the order.

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EDD Sell Services

EDD Sell Services