Variable Pricing

Variable Pricing

Variable pricing is a feature of Easy Digital Downloads that allows you to define custom price options that are specific to a single product. This functionality is a subset of creating a product.

While variable pricing is optional, many stores depend on their functionality to provide a range of purchase options for their customers. Variable pricing oftentimes makes more sense than having separate, related product entries.

Standard variable pricing #

When setting up a new product, variable pricing is not enabled by default. The price of your new product is set to $0.00 by default and will remain as such until you change the price, or enable variable pricing.

To enable variable pricing, you must tick the checkbox labelled Enable variable pricing in the Download Prices section.

Additionally, after creating multiple pricing options, you can set one particular option as the default by clicking the radio button for the corresponding price option under the Default column.

Here’s an example of a product that uses variable pricing with three price options, one of which is set as the default selection for customers.

Multi-option purchase mode #

When you tick the checkbox to enable variable pricing, another checkbox will display below it labelled Enable multi-option purchase mode. Allows multiple price options to be added to your cart at once.

As the label states, multi-option purchase mode allows the customer to select more than one price option at a time for purchase. Ticking this checkbox will not change anything on the edit screen about how you configure your price options. However, it will change the front-end purchase button to display the price options as checkboxes instead of radio buttons.

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