[downloads] Shortcode

[downloads] Shortcode

You can easily output a list or grid of downloadable products using the “[download]” shortcode.

If you wish to modify this output, here is a list of the parameters:

  • category
  • exclude_category
  • tags
  • exclude_tags
  • relation
  • number
  • price
  • excerpt
  • full_content
  • buy_button
  • columns
  • thumbnails
  • order by
  • order
  • ids
  • pagination=true/false

Both the category and tags parameters accept comma-separated list IDs. For example:

[downloads category=”8,12″ tags=”13,20″]

You can find a category’s ID by going to Dashboard → Downloads → Categories, then click “edit” below the category in question

Use the same process to find a tag ID by going to Dashboard → Downloads → Tags.

The  exclude_category and exclude_tags parameters are used to prevent downloads with specific categories or tags from being displayed. Use a comma-separated list of IDs for each.

The order parameter accepts either “DESC” or “ASC”.

The  order by parameter accepts the following options:

  • price
  • id
  • random
  • post_date (default)
  • title

The number and columns parameters accept a numerical value. Specify the maximum number of downloads you want to outputted by the shortcode, as well as the number of columns. For example:

[download number="12" columns="5"]

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