Sell Services On Your EDD Store

Sell services online on your own website. Extend your EDD store with the best EDD add-on “EDD Sell Services”. Showcase your services on your WordPress site, drive target customers to your online store, and earn more revenue to your business. Manage orders and conversation with your customers and highlight their reviews to create a good impact upon them. Complete your orders like a professional service provider.

Best EDD Addon For Selling Services Online

Start selling services just like a product is sold right from your EDD store. Take advantage of useful & powerful features to manage your top-quality services online.

How It Works

EDD Sell Services follows an easy process to help vendors create and sell services online. 


Create a service just like a product

A vendor can create a service just like a digital product is created from the backend. EDD Sell Services simply adds a new Service tab on the product page which once selected allows a vendor to add his service.


Adding Service-Related Requirements

With EDD Sell Services, a vendor can add estimated delivery days and questions that will be required to process the service. Vendors can add multiple questions with varying criteria and an order will only start after all the questions have been answered by the customer. 


Email Triggers For Orders

EDD Sell Services also enables email triggers for the vendor. So as soon as a service is purchased, a vendor will receive an email for the respective purchase as well as for each conversation trigger afterwards. 


Easy order management

EDD Sell Services also allows a vendor to easily manage all his orders via a services management feature provided by the plugin itself. This plugin adds a Services tab for the vendor to easily manage all his sold services.


A Dedication Conversation Channel

A vendor can also communicate with his customer regarding any queries he or his customer faces regarding the service sold. A vendor can simply ask what he wants to from his respective client in real-time using this conversation box. 


Final Delivery

EDD Sell Services also allows the vendor to give final delivery of service by providing him with a final delivery checkbox. Once checked, the delivery will be final and will go to the customer for approval. The vendor can also attach file that is required to be downloaded by the customer


Adding Reviews and Ratings

Getting feedback from his customer is very important for a seller. EDD Sell Services allows the vendor to receive ratings from his customer. Moreover, a vendor can give ratings and write reviews for his customers.