WordPress header plugins allow you to bring about any changes to the header of your WordPress website. The header is present on top of a given website and consists of a title, social media icons, navigations and many more. All these elements are extremely important in keeping your viewers glued to your websites. So, it is very essential for you to have an attractive header. 

WordPress header plugins will help you to attract more traffic to your website. Here, we have mentioned some of the best WordPress header plugins of 2020. Let us see how they will benefit us.

#1 Unique Header

Unique Header

Unique Header is a very popular WordPress plugin which is specially made for custom headers. It will allow you to add creative headers to your webpages. The plugin is very easy to use. It also allows you to add images to your headers and make them look absolutely stunning.

You will be able to add headers to specific categories. Unique Header is extremely good for beginners as well. You will be able to personalize the headers as per your requirement. You can even enable and disable the header as per your need. You need not know any coding knowledge in order to use this plugin.

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#2 Head, Footer & Post Injections

Header and footer

Head, Footer & Post Injections is a very simple WordPress header plugin. It is a custom WordPress plugin which is quite easy to use. Head, Footer & Post Injections comes with an easy-to-use user interface which has a lot of interesting features. All you have to do is copy the generated post and paste it in the desired section to get immediate results.


Head, Footer & Post Injections has a dedicated section for all your custom posts. You will be provided with centralised management options. The plugin is very easy to use and also supports placeholders. It provides you with the number of alignment and style options.

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#3 Insert Headers & Footers 

insert header and footer

Insert Headers & Footers is another plugin using which you will be able to add headers to your website. The plugin has easy customisation options. It is also easy to install and setup. You will be able to add Google Analytics, CSS, Facebook codes and many more to your website.


You will have to simply add the code on the settings sections and you can get your job done within seconds. The plugin is absolutely free of cost. You will also be able to add any kind of code like HTML code or JavaScript. The user interface is also very user-friendly. 

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#4 Fixed & Sticky Header

 WordPress Header Plugins

Fixed & Sticky Header is one such plugin which allows you to enable stickiness to your headers. It is a very easy-to-use plugin and makes it possible for you to add different kinds of features to your website. You can easily navigate to different sections of your website using this tool.


You will also be able to personalize the background, font colour and many more. Once you have saved the changes, you will be able to view the menu instantaneously. The interface is user friendly. Fixed & Sticky Header is also very easy to install. You will be provided with a number of customisation options.

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#5 Sticky Menu or Anything on Scroll 

 WordPress Header Plugins


Sticky Menu or Anything on Scroll is a very popular WordPress plugin. It has a number of interesting features which allows all the elements of your website to become sticky. The plugin has various modes like legacy, dynamic and many more. The custom spacing option is also enabled on your website.


Sticky Menu or Anything on Scroll comes with the advanced admin bar which is another very special feature of this tool. Using this option, you will be able to check whether the user has enabled the admin toolbar or not. The plugin is suitable for both beginners as well as seasonal developers.

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#6 Ad-Inserter

 WordPress Header Plugins

Ad-Inserter is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to insert a header to your WordPress website. It also lets users access advanced advertisement features. Using this plugin, you will be able to add the advertisement features to your headers as well. 


Ad-Inserter supports different kinds of ads like Amazing Naive Shopping ad, Google AdSense and many more. You will be able to rocket your business using the Ad-Inserter plugin. You can also inject it to the header and footer sections of your website. The plugin will allow you to copy and paste the code anywhere you wish to. It is also very versatile. 

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#7 Sticky Header on Scroll

 WordPress Header Plugins

Sticky Header on Scroll is a custom header WordPress plugin. It is a premium plugin and will allow the user to enable stickiness to the headers of your website. The plugin can be used with all popular WordPress themes. You can also add floating headers to your websites.

A number of animated menu buttons will be provided. You can also customise the logo on the header section. A number of creative call to action and social media icons are provided. The next posts button is also included in the package. You will be provided with the live customizer and real-time preview option. 

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#8 WP Header Bar

 WordPress Header Plugins

WP Header Bar is a widely used WordPress header plugin which is 100% responsive. It allows you to add eye-catching headers to the top of your website. You will be provided with unlimited notification bar options which you can add to your website. Various social media icons and call to action buttons are also provided.


You can add slideshows to your website to focus on the products or services which you offer to your customer. It also allows for product-level targeting. WP Header Bar is compatible with all other popular plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. A number of colour schemes are also provided.

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#9 WP Stick Anything 

 WordPress Header Plugins

WP Stick Anything is a premium header WordPress plugin. Using this plugin you will be able to add stickiness to any menus, sidebars or any other elements of your website. It allows target checking. A very advanced feature of this tool is that it allows custom CSS support. You will be able to lock the elements as per your requirement. 


A number of easy personalizing options are provided. Virtually unlimited key elements support is provided to the user. You will be able to personalize the colour scheme and the spaces as well. It is easy to create parent sticky elements using WP Stick Anything. 

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#10 Mega Main Menu

 WordPress Header Plugins

Mega Main Menu is a premium header plugin which has all the features which are required by you to create an attention-grabbing header for your WordPress website. It has unlimited options for variations. The plugin is packed with a number of personalized options. All the elements of the website can be customized.


You will be provided with unlimited colour and typographic options. Over 10 menu styles are available. You can use this plugin to make the elements of your website sticky. Mega Main Menu is also translation ready and supports WPML. The plugin is cross-browser compatible and comes with the number of responsive designs.

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So, these were our top picks for 10 Best WordPress Header Plugins (2020). All these plugins are extremely useful and are also quite easy to use. They will bring about an entirely new dimension to your website. Do you know of any other WordPress header plugins?


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