Ecommerce tools help to scale up your online business and improve its performance by notches. Some help to enhance the performance of your online store, while others help to boost your marketing efforts which is an important component for any business to succeed. Such tools are beneficial particularly when your outlet or online store is in its early growth stage where you require to manage a mounting workload and at the same time also have to watch out on augmenting revenue.

Here are listed some of the best eCommerce tools that are vital for expanding your online business and are apt for your business.

# MailChimp

A platform for marketing automation MailChimp helps you to exchange email and advertisement campaigns for your clients. Despatch to your consumer’s emails depending on triggers such as abandoned carts, product suggestions, birthdays and order notifications.

Quite accommodative with their rates MailChimp offers a free plan that lets you access 12,000 emails along with 2,000 subscribers. If you want something more, you can despatch countless emails to numerous subscribers using the “Grow” Package of MailChimp. Besides, MailChimp also permits you to create leads and do lead nurturing that turns your leads into paying consumers.
The list building function extended by MailChimp lets you generate leads via subscriptions. After you possess a sizeable email list, it becomes convenient for you to conduct an email campaign to turn them into buyers and potential customers. After you cross the first 2000 subscribers list which is available for free, you need to pay for the starter scheme at $10 per month. For upgradation you can take up the Pro plan.

# Google AdWords

A wonderful e-commerce tool to boost your business if you are interested in pushing more sales and traffic. It can be applied to produce custom ad initiatives to aim at various consumer groups, and particular audiences based on their preferences, age, geographic area, etc.
The interesting aspect of Google AdWords is that it lets you target your audience, who have liked your products and giveaways. As such users prefer a solution out of your product, AdWords assists in reaching them and raise traffic for your website and determine sales!

To raise product and brand visibility Google AdWords can be used to develop campaigns that bring greater customers to your portal. You can direct at specific audiences based on keywords or location and you only invest in real results. Google AdWords becomes important as it does not generate demand but satisfies it. Your potential customers are already on the lookout for your keywords and products.

# Hootsuite

To create credible brand visibility for your business on social media networks, you can apply Hootsuite to plan upgrades and engage with your present and future customers. Hootsuite lets you view the opinion of people about your products or brand, schedule updates on social media, and gain insights to effective analytics that brings higher ROI on your initiatives.

# WooCommerce

Ecommerce outlet owners having a penchant for WordPress find WooCommerce a great tool to pick. Being a free alternative, WooCommerce though hard to scale, but performs well with regard to user experience. You require to purchase upgrades to avail its appealing additional features, but a website developed on WooCommerce can rival with those built using more costly paid carts.

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# Shopify

A great choice for individuals having minimal tech skills and resources to get the services of a web developer. As an eCommerce tool, Shopify is feature-packed, scalable, and provides varied templates for diverse niches. Shopify lets you sell almost anything: products, services, facilities or experiences. With its intuitive interface, simple product organization, payment management, store customization, and tracking of order, Shopify qualifies as a single stop outlet and lets you create a versatile e-commerce store within minutes. Using its inbuilt store makeover designs and key additions, you can create a captivating eCommerce store and make millions applying Shopify.

# Ahrefs

A higher ranking for your online retail outlet in search results is important for receiving higher traffic and booming sales. Ahref assists you to recognize keywords that rank your store and also the keywords on which it needs to be ranked. This tool conducts a thorough website analysis and displays its best-performing pages and domain ranking.
Moreover, this tool can also be used for an elaborate competitive analysis of your industry rivals. Ahrefs can also detect the keywords on which your competitors are ranking and their pages which are performing best. The keyword explorer function of Ahrefs is a great feature that allows you to recognize the latest keywords for your eCommerce outlet. Such new keywords can help in making way for opportunities to upscale your online transactions further.

# PrestaShop

If your budget is almost nil, PrestaShop emerges as an effective option. A genuinely free builder of eCommerce portal, it can contest with Shopify and WooCommerce in offering numerous features. It’s useful in the way that you get everything that is possible from a chargeless eCommerce platform. However, if your store expands faster, PrestaShop can be slightly difficult to upscale.

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# SEMRush

Owners of eCommerce business looking for better insight into the performance of their pages, leading keywords within their slot, and knowledge about their competitors can get useful assistance from SEMRush. This tool for eCommerce research monitors an excess of 106 million keywords and 87 million domains.
SEMRush helps to audit your own website or your rivals and obtain a report suggesting strengths and flaws of a comprehensive site, equates sites belonging to your niche, upgrades SEO and recognize keywords or evaluate the performance of ad initiative.

# Jungle Scout

A serious concern related to your store is the merchandise stored by you. Jungle Scout assists you to detect the leading products for your segment and monitor its performance on Amazon. If your products are being sold on Amazon and from your website, then using Jungle Scout becomes a sensible preference for product analysis. This web-based tool helps to make you make informed choices on the products to sell on Amazon by considering important metrics such as best seller grade, range of reviews, and different factors that offer you projected sales numbers and provide the scope of a known niche within Amazon.

# Inventory Source

Utilized for inventory management or as a completely automated SaaS, Inventory Source naturally syncs the inventory, upgrades your site, and includes tracking and ordering features. You can purchase extra functions such as Push to eBay plus a Turnkey Shopify portal.
Inventory Source aids to save you from the messages of “out of stock” on favourite products on your website. More than a hundred dropshipping firms are incorporated with Inventory Source, and if you do not find your favourite vendor on the checklist you can insert them. It is equipped with over 20 integrations like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Magento, Ordoro, Jet, and X-Cart. In addition, custom integrations are also present.


These tools are the go-to options for maintaining smooth operations of your eCommerce store. Some of them qualify as a campaign and customer tracker, eCommerce analytics to understand consumer preferences, marketing tools, or for product management. However, these must-have eCommerce tools scale your eCommerce transaction and along with an intelligent marketing strategy can expand your online store.

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