A logo is used to uniquely identify a brand identity. Every logo has its own purpose and it should be designed accurately to convey the brand message. Here, we will discuss the different types of logos that are available in the market. After reading our article, you will be able to understand about the logos and pick the right logo design for your business. While designing a logo, the first thing that you will have to keep in mind is the client’s requirements. You need to know what marks you are going to use for your logo.

Mentioned below are some of the most popular logo designs that are currently trending in the market:

1. Symbolic logos:

symbolic logo

Symbolic logos can also be called icons or marks. In this type of logo, the main focus lies in the imagery. The imagery is used to identify the requirements of the owner. Symbolic logos are mainly used for established companies who already have a name in the market. You will be able to find such symbolic logo designs on clothing, cars and other products as well. This type of logo is again of two types which are abstract marks and letterforms


Logotypes are also known as a watermark. They are very unique and can be used as a stand-alone. They do not require any kind of icons or marks. Logotypes use a wide variety of style, range, colour and variety to represent the Identity of the brand for which it is being used.

3. Combination marks:

Combination marks use a combination of symbol and type to represent the owner of the particular brand. Combination marks are extremely easy to create. It is just as simple as joining a symbolic logo with a logotype. Combination marks are mainly used to put the focus on the main goal of the logo. You can use this type of logo design to create a better identity for your brand. Your users will be able to acquire a lot of information about the brand just from the logo itself. 

While choosing your logo for your brand, you need to properly look through your brand, company and products. If it is a sports team, then it is always recommended that you go for a mark and a logotype. So, before choosing the logo, you must have a clear understanding of the purpose of the logo because the logo has a big role to play in representing your brand and conveying your brand message to the users. A good logo will also help to establish a connection between you and your customers. As soon as people start falling in love with your logo, they will definitely start having developing respect for your brand.

4. Wordmark logo designs:

Wordmark logo designs are used to uniquely identify your brand and present your brand in an exceptional way before the customers. While using wordmarks, you must create specific custom fonts to be used in the logo. This will help you to sue those people who violate your brand’s security policy.

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5. Lettermark logo designs:

Types of Logo Design

Lettermark logo designs are specially used by those companies who use the logo to emphasize the brand name. Most people use letter mark logo design so that they are able to illustrate the company in a better way. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to pronounce the full name of a company. Sometimes, the full name does not carry enough weight. So, some companies use letter marks to represent their brand.

6. How to use wordmark and lettermark logo designs?

Lettermark logo designs are mainly used if your company has got a very long name. It will help you to create a simple design so that the customers find it easier to recall the logo of your brand. Wordmark, on the other hand, is a very good decision if you are just starting a business and want to establish your brand name. You should make sure that the name is short enough so that your customers find it attractive. This is because long names can sound too confusing.

Wordmark logos are also great if you have a separate and direct business name. This will help your customers to identify your business and brand and it will also look great if your brand logo is designed in such a way that it attracts the attention of your customers. Today, designing a logo has become an extremely easy task. You will find a lot of logo designers in the market who will help you to design a brand logo for your company. However, while designing your logo, there are certain things that you must keep in your mind. The design should be both simple and attractive. The logo should perfectly convey the identity of your brand. You must also be sure about all the details and designs while designing your logo.

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A unique logo will make your brand look perfect. It will not only help you to acquire the trust of your customers but will give an identity to your brand. The logo design will also help to improve the performance of your brand and attract people towards your business. So, you must choose your logo wisely so that it helps in the betterment of your company.

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